Friday, March 25, 2011

Fat Food FRIDAY!

I'm pretty strict with my diet during the week (at least, I try to be) but I love Friday's being a day where I can eat whatever I want and not feel guilty. So I've labelled my 'day off' FAT FOOD FRIDAY (sometimes Fat FREE Friday but you get what I mean).

I don't generally cook on Friday evenings, Friday's to me are for takeaways or eating out. Sometimes not eating at all... depending how much fun I'm having ;)

Last night I went to a new (to me) restaurant on Goulburn Street in Chinatown called BBQ King - I know it's not a NEW restaurant and it has been around for years but it was new to me. All I have to say is WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. It's a small, dirty looking place but as with most restaurants in this end of town, you can't judge a book (or restaurant) by it's cover (appearance).

We were escourted upstairs (on street level the restaurant looks tiny but there are 3 upstairs rooms!) and were the first diners of the evening. BBQ King lacks much atmosphere (aside from the street noise) until the tables are occupied, I  mean, there isn't any music, and aside from chattering of patrons there isn't much or any other background noise.

The staff are very friendly and the food is so delicious! We ordered chicken and sweetcorn soup for a starter with a side of dim sim (which were massive - and wonderful) - I'm not sure why we thought we could manage all of this AND a main meal but we ordered the sizzling Mongolian beef. This dish is amazing! They serve it on a hot plate so the beef and veges really do sizzle! 

We were so stuffed we couldn't manage to eat too much but fortunately you can get a take away container of the food you don't eat - love it! 

I know there are so many restaurants to try in Chinatown but this is one place I know I'll be going back to again and again... 

Restaurant appearance 5/10
Staff hospitality 9/10
Food variety 9/10
Taste 10/10

Try it! 

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